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W O R K  I N  P R O G R E S S

Debuts in 2018


The Straw Man
The Book of Job for the 21st Century

​Written and Performed by Ross Ericson

He is Generation X. Weaned on punk and indie he survived Thatcher's Britain and the Cold War, then high on ecstasy he raved in a field all weekend - and still got up for work on Monday. Fearless, happy and free until God and the Devil made a bet and all he was left with was his record collection. Now, after a very public meltdown on TV, he has locked his self in his hotel room to try and figure out just what happened and what to do next, he just wished he knew what they were saying about him on twitter and why the Police are knocking at the door.


In his controversial new monodrama Ross Ericson gives voice to those working class lads who, now middle aged and balding, are wondering just what the hell happened.  Demonised by the press and social media as misogynists and racists are they really what they're made out to be?


The Unknown Soldier
  2018 Performances

Wednesday     2 Aug    The Assembly at Edinburgh Fringe          2:50pm


Sunday          26 Aug  (No showing on 9, 11, 16, 18 & 23 Aug 2018)

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