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P U N C H L I N E 

Written by Ross Ericson

Directed by Ashley Alymann


Featuring: Ashley Alymann, Ian Mairs and Ross Ericson

(Due to unexpected circumstances with one of the cast members, Ashley has kindly stepped in to play the role of Adam.)

Why do you want to be funny?

That’s the question they keep asking him and he thought he knew the answer, but now he’s not too sure. In fact he’s not sure about anything anymore. Why is he putting himself through this? Is this some sort of midlife crisis? What exactly is funny anyway?

This fast paced one act play explores the nature of comedy and why in the world anybody would want to become a comedian – or an actor, or a musician, or even a writer when it comes to it. Why don’t you just stop listening to that little voice in your head, settle for what you’ve got, buy a motorbike and find yourself some Lithuanian gaol bait?

Funny, sharp, incisive and more than just mildly amusing.

Punchline was revived at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013, The Space at Surgeons Hall.

Broadway Baby -

"Polished.. Laughs throughout... rare moment of introspection that is both effective and rather touching"​

The Skinny

"Loaded with quips... humour and witty writing... deftly delivered... seemlessly"


Ian Mairs, Ross Ericson, Punchline, Edinburgh Fringe 2013
Ian Mairs, Ross Ericson, Punchline, Edinburgh Fringe 2013
Punchline, Edinburgh Fringe 2013
Ashley Alymann, Punchline, Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Punchline was first performed at The Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London - 8 May-2 June 2012.

Written and Directed by Ross Ericson


Featuring: Mike Duran, Jim Scott and Ross Ericson

Remotegoat review –

“raw and edgy” &

“inevitably captivates you”

Punchline 2012, Vibe Bar, Grist to the Mill Theatre
Ross Ericson, Mike Duran, Jim Scott, Punchline 2012, Vibe Bar
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