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​Written by Ross Ericson

Directed by Harry Burton


Featuring: Alex Ferns, Emma Stansfield, Finlay Robertson,

                 and Patrick Toomey


Stage Management: Chris Smith

Set & Costume: Kat Heath

Sound: Fergus Waldron

Lighting: Ziggy Jacobs-Wyburn

Assistant Director: Harry MacKrill 

A play that explores how love, friendship and truth are not so certain in the context of war.

When Gary Maddocks rejoins Mike Evans and his Counter IED Team in Afghanistan he is pleased.  He has been finding life back home with Emma dull and is impatient to get back to the job he loves, but had he known what fate had in store for him would he have been so eager?  Of course he would, it’s like an addiction, and if your luck runs out well that’s it isn’t it? But was it bad luck, faulty kit, or something else? After all Mike has been acting strangely lately and Emma appears to be hiding something.

                       What's On Stage -

"Casualties is perfectly executed, stridently directed by Harry Burton and will easily leave you reeling."



"A play of extremely high standard both in writing, direction and performance."

                        One Stop Arts -

"Wonderful piece of work… would have gladly gone back for more"


                        Remotegoat -

"Be prepared to be harrowed, to be moved to tears and to fall in love with the characters"


                        Liz Curran -

"Highly recommend… gripped throughout… very strong intense production"


Telegraph -

"The work of a playwright with promise"


Evening Standard -

"A decently crafted play"


Time Out -

"Infinitely more intense than anything I’ve seen on film"


The Times -

"Ericson is capable of greater things to come"


The Stage -

"Best moments convey a war zone’s mental as well as literal battlefield"


British Theatre Guide  -

"The understanding of what this war does to people…drives this play and is its fascination"


Bargain TheatreLand -

"Beautifully naturalistic... slickly directed... A wonderful production"

TheGayUK -

"strong and moving... powerful and emotive performances... A fantastic piece"




Casualties, Park Theatre 2013, Grist to the Mill, Ross Ericson

Casualties Production Photo Gallery

Photos by Simon Annand, The Half

- Casualties is "Contained, but Epic"

Nominated for:


Off-Westend Offies Award - Best New Play


Off-Westend Offies Award - Best Sound Design

ReviewsGate -

"Ericson is not making propaganda, but skilfully weaves his human story to create a modern experience."


Islington Gazette -

"...Exactly what a good play should do"


Theatreworld Internet Magazine -

"Superb performances... good drama... terrific roles"


Whats Hecuba to Him -

"Acting is 5-star brilliance"


What's On London -

"Honest and thought-provoking with some fine acting"

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