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​Adapted and Directed by Ross Ericson


Featuring: Ashley Alymann, William M Lee, Benjamin Wong,

                 and Michelle Yim


Costume: Margot Edwards and Nancy Yim

Music: Pearl Yim


A collaboration with Red Dragonfly Productions.

The Autumn of Han is a new adaptation of a traditional Chinese play for the European stage.

MaoYanShao, a corrupt minister in the Han court, is given the task of selecting new concubines for the Emperor’s harem, but when a beautiful woman called ZhaoJun refuses to supply him with the usual bribe he hides her away in a forgotten wing of the palace. However ZhaoJun is a resourceful woman and, with the help of the eunuch Little Yellow Gate, she engineers a chance meeting between her and the Emperor.  When the Emperor sets eyes on her he immediately falls in love, and this sets off a chain of events that sees all their lives changed forever.

                           British Theatre Guide -

"Beautifully captures the majesty and beauty of the Han Dynasty era... A wonderful experience to explore the culture and traditions of ancient China through their own mythology, in a manner that will appeal to everyone."


The Stage -

"Sumptuously costumed... evocatively traditional-style music heightening its Oriental mood... melodramatic elements and stately quality befitting its setting... a richly talented and promising ensemble"


ThreeWeeks -

"An interesting portrait of vanity, the price of beauty and peace, and the lengths to which people will go in search of vengeance."


The Skinny -

"Touching tale... tightly woven and well foreshadowed...the ancient Chinese culture comes to life for us"


PlaysToSee -

"The rich costumes and stylised movements retain intrinsic Chinese meaning... acting is consistently good... the perfect antidote to the more gritty material offered by the Fringe this year and is well worth a watch"


The Autumn of Han, Edinburgh Fringe 2013

The Autumn of Han Photo Gallery

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The Autumn of Han was previewed in London at Tristan Bates Theatre as part of So and So Arts Club's Kick Up The Arts Festival showcase and debuted at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Audience Review:


Christine McDerment - The Autumn of Han is a charming piece of theatre based on a traditional Chinese tale of love, hate and revenge at the court of the Han emperor: good acting from all four participants aided by glorious costumes transport the audience to another age. A definite piece of enjoyable escapism.


Jill Morgan - A real gem of the Fringe. Beautifully acted and very moving.


Gavin Moysey - Excellent storyline and high quality acting made this a compelling show. Great value and I would recommend to anyone!

Karen Murray - It was delightful... a touching story, timeless.


Athina Pandelis - Fantastic - We thoroughly enjoy the show. Wanted more, first class actors.


Caroline Pennent-Jones - Enchanted... The acting, the attention to detail, the costumes were all wonderful... done so beautifully. Quite magical.

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